Measure, Test & Validate

Medical devices in particular usually possess several characteristics and functions that manufacturers must guarantee. Certain test procedures are necessary to ensure that these products are safe for patients, users and others. Measurement, testing and validation require detailed knowledge of commercial processes, legal provisions and scientific developments in biomedical engineering.

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Measuring has never been so easy!

The following attributes of the IM series digital measuring projector speak for themselves: Fast, simple and user-independent. Discover how you can use the measuring projector now!

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6G Health – the project for future technology in medical devices

Together with 18 other companies, cetecom advanced is taking part in this innovative research project. We are at the beginning of an exciting era in the world of medical technology, a sector that is characterized by its diversity and innovative strength.

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Best practice

The laser marking solution for medical technology

The UDI guideline introduced by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires medical products to be clearly labeled. This ensures traceability. Correct implementation is a concern for medical device manufacturers and raises a number of questions.

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Accredited laboratory services

We also offer our quality standards, which we apply to our own machines and processes, to our customers in the form of services: 14 test methods are accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.


‘Conformity to standards means that everything relating to the process is documented’

According to the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices, risk reports have multiplied, often due to ‘inadequate manufacturing processes’. It’s important to make sure that processes are validated to avoid errors. We spoke about this with expert Robert Schreiner from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik.

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Mastering Process and Packaging Validation – ISO 11607

Ensuring compliance with ISO 11607 is imperative in the field of packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices. Validation is the key, confirming sterile barrier integrity and consistent quality.

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Accredited test laboratory for medical devices

CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG is the accredited testing laboratory in the "world center of medical technology" and offers a comprehensive portfolio of biological, microbiological-hygienic and chemical tests.

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Say “Hi” to Your Heart-! Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry - Monitor your Heart Anytime, Anywhere

HiCardi+(Smart Patch) is a wireless, wearable real-time remote patient monitoring device that enables simultaneous, centralized remote monitoring of multiple patients.

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Compact manual workstations with NC joining module for the quality controlled assembly of small and medium series

The workstation is used for the processing of small series, or for material testing with tensile and compression forces. They are equipped with a NC joining module of our series UFM precision5.

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Precision parts made from aluminum alloys, copper alloys and selected stainless steels

Our industrial customers come from the measurement and control technology, sensor technology, medical technology, mechanical engineering and optics sectors. Grieshaber Precision is also right in the middle of the automotive industry.

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