Short description

We are medical/digital healthcare company and committed to developing world’s smallest biosensors for measuring various vital signs and platform to monitor multiple patients simultaneously in real-time anywhere in the world.

Range of products

  • M Sensors
  • M Analyses

About us

As a leading South Korean innovator in smart medical devices and health monitoring, we integrate advanced technology with healthcare, delivering energy-efficient solutions for improved global patient care.

Our growth strategy includes significant investments in software and services, aimed at fostering a sustainable, innovative future. Our key products, the HiCardi+ Smart Patch and HiCardi System, revolutionize patient monitoring with features like:

  • Wireless, real-time remote and central monitoring for multiple patients.
  • Real-time analysis of various health parameters (ECG, HR, Resp, Skin Temp, Activity, Body Posture).
  • Instant detection of arrhythmias across 17 classes.
  • Capability for monitoring up to 256 patients simultaneously, anywhere at any time.

This focus ensures we remain at the cutting edge of healthcare technology, addressing the dynamic needs of global healthcare providers and patients.