PROMESS Montage- und Prüfsysteme GmbH

Short description

PROMESS is your partner in assembly and testing technology. We are one of the leading manufacturers of universal joining modules that are used for force-distance assembly and joining tasks, among others in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Range of products

  • M Microtechnology
  • M Other components
  • P Automation
  • P Robot systems
  • P Clean room
  • M Testing equipment
  • M Testing systems

About us

PROMESS is your partner in assembly and testing technology. Founded in 1977, today we are one of the leading manufacturers of NC joining moduls used for force-distance monitored assembly and joining tasks. From development, manufacture and production to worldwide sales and after-sales service, we offer everything from a single source.

We supply individual customer solutions for a wide range of applications, from pure universal assembly presses for automated assembly lines to modular individual workstations. Our modular individual workstations are used, for example, as test and inspection stations for material testing with tensile and compressive forces.

Carry out fracture, bending, tensile or stiffness tests with your real process parameters in complete safety. On request, we not only test linearly, but also rotationally with our rotary joining modules.

We have already implemented the following applications in the medical technology sector and pharmaceutical industries with our precision joining modules, torque modules and our manual workstations:


  • Quality-controlled crimping of electrodes on pacemakers
  • Successive crimping of crimp sleeves
  • Quality-monitored crimping of catheters


  • Testing of mechanical counting devices on inhalers
  • Force-displacement monitored detection of clip connections
  • Testing of valves on infusion bags
  • Testing of dosage settings of inhalers
  • Endurance tests/long-term tests
  • Force-displacement-monitored validation of the engagement of glass syringe elements


  • Assembling and testing 3-way stopcocks (3-arm plugs)
  • Assembling insulin pens
  • Assembly of injectors   
  • Functional testing of syringes


  • Joining plastic housings onto syringes
  • Joining titanium housings for pacemakers
  • Joining titanium reinforcement rings in hip endoprosthetics


  • Embossing of corrugations for improved grip of medical tools


  • Forming of titanium plates