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Say “Hi” to Your Heart-! Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry - Monitor your Heart Anytime, Anywhere

HiCardi+(Smart Patch) is a wireless, wearable real-time remote patient monitoring device that enables simultaneous, centralized remote monitoring of multiple patients.

HiCardi+(Smart Patch): Wireless/Wearable Real-Time Remote Patient Monitor for Simultaneous, Centralized Remote Monitoring of Multiple Patients

Say “Hi” to Your Heart-!
Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry

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HiCardi System: Wireless/Wearable SmartPatch for Telemetry with Real-Time Remote/Central Monitoring of Vital Signs in Multiple Patients
※ Measures/Analyzes Multiple Parameters(ECG, HR, Resp, Skin Temp, Activity, Body Posture) and Detects Arrhythmias (17 Class) in Real-Time.
※ Optimized for Remote/Central Monitoring of up to 256 Patients Simultaneously in Real-Time from Anytime, Anywhere!