Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Joining modules UFM Precision5 - For high precision applications.

The systems of the precision series are designed for tasks that require small forces and maximum precision, such as applications in medical technology.

Reproducible results in the micrometer range

Our assembly presses precision5 are designed for tasks that require small forces and maximum precision. We offer individual solutions in the force range from 0.2 to 4 kN. The control intelligence of the servo presses, combined with precision mechanics and high-resolution sensors, allow reproducible results in the micrometer range. A force-displacement analysis of the joining process enables 100% control in real time of each part manufactured. The analysis data can be edited numerically and graphically so that each process sequence can be monitored individually and conveniently. The assembly presses are available as a module for integration into existing systems or integrated in our manual workstation UFM-C-Compact.

Use in medical technology

The precision units are already being used for quality-monitored crimping of electrode contacts for pacemakers, functional testing of syringes or crimping of syringe housings.

For more green efficiency.

By opting for a universal assembly presses from PROMESS, you are choosing a durable, energy-efficient drive system. You save energy costs and conserve resources. We design your assembly presses individually in advance, which prevents oversizing and increased energy consumption. Where possible, we take back used assembly presses, refurbish them and return them to the product cycle.

In addition, we offer the entire product know-how from a single source, from process development to preliminary tests, commissioning and the use of our products at your site.