CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Short description

CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG is your partner as an accredited and ZLG and GLP accepted testing laboratory for biological and microbiological-hygienic testing of medical devices.

Range of products

  • M Inspections and approvals
  • M Analyses
  • M Validation

About us

CleanControlling stands for comprehensive services in the fields of technical, medical and environmental cleanliness for surfaces, materials and media. In addition to cleanliness testing and documentation, it offers consultation, training and a specialist product range for the definition, achievement and maintenance of technical cleanliness. It also focuses on the preservation of human health in connection with product cleanliness and the absence of pollutants in water, soil and waste.

Through our customer-oriented services, we embrace our commitment to supporting and assisting our customers as a helpful, competent and transparent partner. A trusting, cooperative relationship with employees and fair collaboration with suppliers and service providers lie at the very heart of this. For us, regulation- and law-compliant business is a matter of course.