Terms of Use MedtecLIVE.com

Providers publish their own content on the MedtecLIVE digital platform (hereinafter referred to as the "digital platform"). Visitors (hereinafter uniformly referred to as "Visitors") can obtain information on the digital platform and contact providers. Users who create a MedtecLIVE account (hereinafter the "Account") free of charge (hereinafter uniformly referred to as the "Users") can use additional functions. 


The operator of the digital platform is MedtecLIVE GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator"). These Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations of the Operator and the Users in connection with the digital platform. Information on data protection can be found in the Privacy Policy. 

1 Functions and services 

1 .1 The Operator makes the digital platform available to visitors and users to watch. The individual functions and services result from the availability when visiting and using the digital platform as well as from any information that the operator has published about individual functions and services. There is no entitlement to use the digital platform or certain functions and services. 

1.2 The Operator enables visitors to create an account as a user free of charge. Among other things, users can use their account to record their interests, interact with providers and their content and create a networking profile. The account enables users to prepare for MedtecLIVE and obtain information throughout the year. The operator informs users about new content by email and other communication channels based on their interests. Users can object to receiving communications at any time ("opt-out"). Users can use their networking profile to contact providers and other users.  


1.3 The Operator is authorised to have all or individual functions and services in connection with the digital platform provided by contracted or otherwise involved third parties. The Operator is authorised to adapt and further develop the digital platform as a whole or in relation to individual functions and services. The operator shall inform users in an appropriate form about any relevant adjustments. 


2 Account 


2.1 Visitors who create an account as a user are obliged to provide complete and truthful information at all times. Registration with false or fictitious information is prohibited. The Operator is authorised - even retrospectively - to check information provided by users or have it checked by third parties and to request additional information from users. 


2.2 Registration is restricted to users who are natural persons with unlimited legal capacity. Users must be 18 years of age or older, unless they have the express consent of a legal representative for registration. Users are obliged to treat their access data to the digital platform confidentially and to use it exclusively for their own purposes. 


2.3 Users can have their account deleted at any time by sending an email to data@medteclive.com. 


3 Use

3.1 Users are obliged to use the digital platform exclusively as intended and in accordance with the law. 


3.2 Users are obliged to only enter or publish their own content that is legally compliant, for example when contacting providers and other users or for their networking profile. In particular, users are obliged not to publish any discriminatory, false, misleading, racist, harmful, criminal or unsafe content. The use of the digital platform for unsolicited or otherwise unauthorized advertising ("spam") is prohibited. 


3.3 The collection or publication of content that violates intellectual property rights, personal rights or other rights of third parties is prohibited, for example images that violate the right to one's own image or the copyright of third parties. Users must assume that content from the operator, providers and other users is protected by copyright and other laws. 


3.4 The operator is authorised at any time to immediately block individual users' access to the digital platform in the event of a breach of these terms of use or in the event of suspected non-compliant or improper use. In such cases, the operator may, at its own discretion, issue a warning to the users concerned, but is not obliged to do so. 


3.5 The use of the digital platform may be temporarily, partially or completely unavailable, in particular for technical reasons. In particular, the Operator is authorised to interrupt access to the digital platform for maintenance work. The operator shall endeavour to ensure the highest possible availability of the digital platform, but cannot guarantee this. 


3.6 The operator is not obliged to monitor the behaviour of users and providers on the digital platform. In particular, the operator is not obliged to check the content of users and providers for legality or other admissibility as a precautionary measure. The operator assumes no liability for the content of users and providers.  


4 Liability 


4.1 The operator is liable for direct damage caused by its own gross negligence or wilful misconduct. Any further liability of the operator for direct damages is expressly and fully excluded. Any liability of the operator for indirect damages and consequential damages, for claims of other users or any third parties as well as for loss of profit is expressly and fully excluded. Any liability for auxiliary persons is excluded. 


4.2 Users are expressly and fully liable to the operator and any third parties, regardless of fault, for all direct and indirect costs as well as for damages arising from violations of these terms of use or in connection with the digital platform. The indemnification also includes claims by other users and any third parties. The users concerned shall indemnify the operator against all claims by other users and any third parties and undertake to bear all costs - including legal fees and court costs - as well as direct and indirect damages incurred by the operator in this connection. 


4.3 The limitation of liability in accordance with these Terms of Use applies regardless of the legal basis. Any further mandatory liability, in particular for gross negligence or intent and in accordance with any applicable data protection law, remains reserved. 


5 Final provisions 


5.1 Automated access to the digital platform, for example using bots, scripts or similar means, is prohibited. The Operator may provide for exceptions such as the use of programming interfaces. 


5.2 The Operator is authorised to amend these Terms of Use at any time without giving reasons. Users will be informed in an appropriate manner of any significant changes to these Terms of Use. 


5.3 These Terms of Use shall be governed exclusively by German law with the place of fulfilment and jurisdiction being exclusively at the registered office of the Operator, provided that the users concerned are not consumers.