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Surgeons wearing augmented reality glasses in an operating room.

IT in medical technology

Digitalisation is becoming ever more important in biomedical engineering, with various laws laying out the legal framework in e-health.

Team of doctors during surgery with ECG monitor showing heart rate.

IT in medical technology

The manufacture and operation of connected medical technology calls for the combined expertise of the medical and IT sectors, with the aim of creating a modern, sustainable and networked healthcare system. Connectivity and software for controlling devices, displays, procedures and imaging processes are just some examples of how modern IT can help medical engineering.

From hardware and communication technology to IT security, at MedtecLIVE with T4M you will find expert exhibitors presenting solutions in the following areas:

  • Hardware
  • Software development
  • IT Security
  • Graphics / image processing
  • Augmented / Virtual reality
  • Online services / apps / cloud service
  • Big data management
  • Human machine interface (HMI) / machine-machine interface (MMI)
  • Communications technology
  • Device software and operating Systems
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Design, R&D

In medical technology design, it is necessary to find the balance between many requirements and a nevertheless unusual device design.

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Materials and Components

Modern biomedical engineering uses a variety of materials that must perfectly meet the needs of the respective application.

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Processes, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing & Automation

Speak with our exhibitors and discover how they can help you in the processes involved in medical device production.

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Measurement, Testing, Validation

Testing innovations in medical technology is an essential part of product development and approval.

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Services in biomedical engineering

Today, medical device manufacturers are faced with demanding requirements when developing their products.