Sustainability/Circular Economy

Of course, medical technology manufacturers have their share of climate-damaging emissions. At the same time, there is a growing recognition that climate-friendly business practices can enhance a company's competitiveness.

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Start-up series: To the top of the world market with bioplastics?

Sustainability in medical technology is more important than ever. Biovox from Darmstadt has caught the right moment. The start-up is the first supplier of recyclable bioplastics approved for use in medical technology. We present Biovox in our series on young companies.

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A Single Use Medical Device Designed for Sustainability

Case study from Röchling Medical on how 50 tons of CO2-equivalent could be saved by applying design for sustainability principles to a conventional single use trocar.


In the cycle of progress: sustainable medical technology and the challenges facing the sector

The manufacture, use and disposal of medical devices and products, as well as their energy intensity, contribute to the global climate crisis. "Sustainable practices" in medical technology are therefore of great importance in paving the way for a more environmentally friendly healthcare industry.

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Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-Design lead the way to reduce environmental impact

One of Lesjöfors' focus areas is Sustainable Innovations. To reduce environmental impact, a project has been initiated that focuses on life cycle analyses and eco-design which will be increasingly important in the future.

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Sustainable Materials

At Nelipak, we are working to “help healthcare be sustainable”. One of the five focus areas that comprise our sustainability circle is Design for Circularity.  Developing sustainable packaging solutions is a top priority for the healthcare industry.

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Lesjöfors Group becomes first spring manufacturer to be validated by SBTi

In a first for the spring manufacturing industry, the Lesjӧfors Group’s near-term climate emission reduction targets have officially been validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).

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New edition of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Guide - with DIN EN 17463

Acting energy-efficiently while keeping an eye on profitability: Version 6 of our guide "In 18 steps over 3 stages to efficient energy management in accordance with ISO 50001" shows you how to do this - with new legal and normative requirements, in particular DIN EN 17463 (VALERI).