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MedtecLIVE is the meeting place for experts who are driving the medical technology industry forward with groundbreaking research and pioneering innovations for the healthcare of tomorrow.

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Start-ups in the spotlight at MedtecLIVE 2024

Start-up pitch: top-class prizes for innovative ideas // Sponsored joint stand: 'Young Innovators' // International start-up area: 'International Innovators'

JÜKE Systemtechnik GmbH Hall 1 / 1-628

Innovative Product Development and System Integration

Our experts translate customer requirements into reliable technical solutions, program firmware and software and provide standard-compliant documentation in accordance with the required norms and standards.

Karl Rejlek GmbH Hall 1 / 1-823
Best practice

Highly efficient component development

Tailor-made solution for the development of mass products in medical technology. With short delivery times, significantly higher output quantities, near-series tool design and a robust process, we create optimal conditions for the development and industrialization of your products!

WILDDESIGN GmbH Hall 1 / 1-632

Design development in intensive care

WILDDESIGN is a leading partner in the field of medical design for intensive care medicine. On behalf of Löwenstein Medical, the design of a series of outstanding intensive care ventilators, the ELISA series, was created.

RAFI GmbH & Co. KG Hall 1 / 1-545
Best practice

Development of an AI assistance system for intensive care

Mona is an innovative, latest-generation, language-based assistance system that uses AI algorithms and telemedicine to provide direct support in healthcare. Mona is the key to cost-controlled, evidence-based, data-controlled intensive-care medicine.

Market & Industry

Driving innovation and growth: Enterprise Ireland and the MedTech industry

Ireland is one of the largest medtech hubs in the world - thanks in part to Enterprise Ireland, the government agency that promotes the growth and development of local companies. In 2023, MedtecLIVE was a platform for establishing contacts with the "Emerald Isle".

WILDDESIGN GmbH Hall 1 / 1-632

Design and usability of surgical instruments

WILDDESIGN is known as a reliable partner in the field of medical design, especially in the development of surgical and laparoscopic instruments. In this highly specialized field, perfect ergonomics and haptic value are crucial to ensure the precision and safety of medical interventions.

cetecom advanced GmbH Hall 1 / 1-518c

6G Health – the project for future technology in medical devices

Together with 18 other companies, cetecom advanced is taking part in this innovative research project. We are at the beginning of an exciting era in the world of medical technology, a sector that is characterized by its diversity and innovative strength.

MED engineering DACH Digital only

The trade journal MED engineering

The german specialist journal especially for designers and developers of medical devices for patient-oriented diagnosis and therapy of all medical disciplines.

HoliMaker DE Hall 1 / 1-728

Manual injection molding machine HoliPress: the best investment for the mimosa of materials

HoliPress — an innovative device that melts plastic materials in an electronically controlled manner and injects them into molds using manual force. Thermoplastics, elastomers as well as soft PVC, recycled granules or flakes.

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