The manufacture and operation of connected medical technology calls for the combined expertise of the medical and IT sectors, with the aim of creating a modern, sustainable and networked healthcare system. Connectivity and software for controlling devices, displays, procedures and imaging processes are just some examples of how modern IT can help medical engineering.

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Interview on the AI Act: "A step towards more planning security in research and development"

On 13 March 2024, the EU Parliament adopted the AI Act, which regulates the placing on the market of products with artificial intelligence. We spoke to Hans-Peter Bursig from the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (ZVEI) about what medical technology companies should consider now. Technologies Hall 1 / 1-543
Market & Industry Technologies: From concept idea to a secure medical product in the market

At Technologies, we understand the challenges you face and offer a comprehensive solution: we handle everything from the initial concept to a secure medical product in the market.

MEZOO Hall 1 / 1-524

HiCardi+ (Mobile Cardiac Telemetry) - say "Hi" to your heart

HiCardi+(Smart Patch): The Wireless/Wearable Real-Time Remote Patient Monitor was designed for Simultaneous, Centralized Remote Monitoring of Multiple Patients.

BAYOOSOFT GmbH Hall 1 / 1-508
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Saving time when creating technical documentation — opportunities with a digital solution

Digitalization is constantly changing the way we work. Efficient digital tools and automation are key to minimizing workloads and gaps in technical documentation.

evosoft GmbH Hall 1 / 1-909
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Holistic patient diagnosis and treatment through semantic interoperability in radiology.

Optimal healthcare requires effective communication and data exchange between clinical systems. Despite different data structures, semantic interoperability enables coherent data exchange and uniform understanding of information.

majesty GmbH Hall 1 / 1-316

Paperless and precise - the new digital inspection tool at Majesty

With digital inspection data capture, you enhance efficiency and precision in incoming goods inspection and quality assurance. Measurement data is captured and checked directly in digital form without additional interfaces.

ERNI (Deutschland) GmbH Hall 1 / 1-929
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Case study: Revolutionising the future of surgery with high-precision robots

ERNI's collaboration is transforming surgery with cutting-edge robotic technology. Discover the precision and efficiency of minimally invasive procedures and the future of AI-enhanced surgical robots. Read on to learn about this revolutionary advancement in patient care.

GUS ERP GmbH Hall 1 / 1-1025

GUS-OS Suite - ERP for medical technology

With the GUS-OS Suite, GUS ERP GmbH offers a web-based ERP business solution for medical technology that includes all industry functionalities and fulfills regulatory requirements.

TWT Health GmbH Hall 1 / 1-919

Developing Software as a Medical Device

Companies in the healthcare market are facing a major challenge: they want to expand their offering with digital solutions – but at the same time have to comply with a large number of regulatory requirements and laws.

Paul Büetiger AG Hall 1 / 1-316

smartifu - The platform for electronic instructions for use

Protect the environment, simplify your processes and save money. Switching to eIFU also ensures maximum compliance. Record the instructions for use for your medical devices electronically!

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