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Optimize manufacturing processes in medical technology with camLine! IT solution partner to the high-tech industry for more than 30 years to increase productivity, quality and process integrity.

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  • I Software
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About us

Manufacturing Excellence: Software solutions for high-tech manufacturing to increase productivity and quality

camLine has been an established IT solution partner for high-tech manufacturing for over 30 years.

The systems for industrial automation are based on modular software suite. The highly scalable and open solutions are found in discrete and continuous manufacturing, as well as in their mixed forms.

Main application areas are in the industries: Semiconductor, Electronics, Automotive, Solar, Medical, Battery Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.

camLine's production software includes Production Logistics, Productivity & Efficiency (OEE), Process & Product Quality, Process & Data Integrity, real-time Monitoring and Reporting, Data Analysis, Experiment Management and Equipment-Integration & Data Exchange for orchestrating all manufacturing operations.

In terms of digitalization, AI and ML techniques are integrated with statistical process control (SPC) to enable new, effective error control. Technology development is supported by XperiDesk from sample to production.

The Cornerstone engineering statistics application enables product and process optimization through exploratory data analysis and experiment savings through combination with Design of Experiments (DoE).

As part of elisa IndustrIQ, camLine has a global presence in Europe, North America, and Asia. On-site or online support is available worldwide.

Further application areas and competencies within the elisa IndustrIQ business group are in the area of Supply Chain Management (demand management, quoting and purchase automation), Manufacturing Operations Management (demand management, factory scheduling) and EHS -Environment, Health, Safety (for safe and sustainable operations).