23 - 25 May 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

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MedtecLIVE: hub of the international Medtech scene

MedtecLIVE is the European meeting point for the medical technology community
MedtecLIVE is the European meeting point for the medical technology community

When MedtecLIVE premieres, from 21 to 23 May 2019, it will debut as more than just an important European trade fair for medical technology manufacture. It has already become part of an international network of top-level Medtech events. This is assured by the various “Medtec” events by MedtecLIVE partner UBM in Asia and the USA. NürnbergMesse is also a long-standing organizer of pavilions on medical technology themes at industry exhibitions around the world. Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., as honorary sponsor, contributes its own network of 14 countries. “Right from the start, MedtecLIVE is benefiting from a high level of attention and familiarity among exhibitors and visitors from around the world,” observes Alexander Stein, Exhibition Director, NürnbergMesse.

As a joint venture between UBM and NürnbergMesse, MedtecLIVE in conjunction with the MedTech Summit is an essential part of an international family of medical technology trade fairs. UBM is the organizer of Medtec Japan, Medtec China and the successful MD&M series of fairs with annual events in New York (NY), Minneapolis (MN) and Anaheim (CA). With two further fairs in the USA, BIOMEDevice San Jose (CA) and BIOMEDevice Boston (MA), and also Pharmapack (Paris) and P-MEC (Madrid), UBM also covers other closely related themes. “In all our international activities, we include MedtecLIVE in our thinking and communicate the event,” says Fabienne Valambras, Brand Manager UBM EMEA Amsterdam. “Industry professionals from all around the world get to know the event covering the European market, and can consider participating as exhibitors or visitors. The fact we already have registrations from more than 20 countries shows that we have stimulated curiosity at a global level.” Now that UBM and Informa have joined forces, there is also a stronger presence and additional communication in the United Arab Emirates.

NürnbergMesse, also a joint venture partner of MedtecLIVE, has also been engaged for many years to organize German and Bavarian medical technology pavilions at exhibitions all around the world. Eight exhibition projects are on the agenda for 2018 alone, including trade fairs in Japan, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines and China. For 2019, plans are provisionally in place for stands at ten shows, in locations including China, Vietnam, Mexico and Argentina. “For these, too, our colleagues are including news of MedtecLIVE, and are meeting with great interest in the new industry event in Europe,” comments Stein.

Sharing across national borders is the lifeblood of Medtech

In a high-tech sector like the Medtech industry, networking at an international level is especially important, notes Henk Meens, Director of Strategic Sales Northern Europe, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging: “Our customers consist of some of the largest and most reputable medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the world. As a leader in healthcare packaging we work to build relationships with their local and global operations through networking events. MedtecLIVE and MDM exhibitions provide an opportunity to meet with engineers and designers in an informal setting where they can learn more about Nelipak and its operations.”

Forum MedTech Pharma, honorary sponsor of MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit, also contributes its own international network of 14 countries. “The diversity of our network means the trade fair and congress can have its finger on the pulse by focusing on the themes that really move the medical technology industry. MedTech Summit – Congress and Partnering is a top-level platform for experts from all around the world,” says Matthias Schier, CEO of MedTech Pharma.

MedtecLIVE in conjunction with MedTech Summit will be held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 21 to 23 May 2019. For further information please go to: www.medteclive.com.

About MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit

MedtecLIVE is a leading networking platform for the international medical technology community. The trade exhibition’s offering covers the full process chain in the production of medical engineering equipment, from prototypes to ready-for-market products. Leading companies, associations and institutions will engage in networking at MedtecLIVE to cultivate contacts, share ideas and create new innovations. At the prestigious MedTech Summit Congress & Partnering, experts and scientists will discuss future industry trends on an interdisciplinary basis. MedtecLIVE will be held from 21 to 23 May 2019 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. The exhibition organiser is MedtecLIVE GmbH, a joint venture of NürnbergMesse and UBM. Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. is the honorary sponsor of MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit.