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Exhibition advisory board: MedtecLIVE in conjunction with MedTech Summit offers a networking platform with international appeal

The participants at the first session of the MedtecLive advisory board
The participants at the first session of the MedtecLive advisory board

MedtecLIVE in conjunction with MedTech Summit is THE industry platform for both forward-looking topics and current challenges. The advisory board of MedtecLIVE developed this mission at its inaugural session, held in Nuremberg in late July. The advisory board currently comprises 13 members, including trade and professional associations, institutes and companies in the medical technology sector, which advise the organizers of MedtecLIVE on questions of orientation and content. Meanwhile, MedtecLIVE has enjoyed a great reception from companies both within Germany and abroad, without exception. By the end of July, still ten months before the first event under the new banner, more than 150 companies from 20 countries had decided to participate as exhibitors.

Members of the advisory board praised the concept underlying MedtecLIVE in conjunction with MedTech Summit, and singled out its excellent conditions for discussion and networking as the particular strengths of the Medtech event. The exhibition, congress and B2B partnering events enable experts to meet as equals, to work together to find solutions for both current and future challenges.

“Shaping the nature of healthcare together”

“Everyone involved in medical technology development, whether researchers, suppliers, manufacturers or users, knows how important it is to engage in productive discussion,” comments BVMed CEO and Board Member Joachim M. Schmitt. “That is the only way for us to work together to shape the nature of healthcare, and it is the only way for innovations to succeed. MedtecLIVE provides an excellent platform for these discussions. The combination of trade fair, congress and partnering event brings together players from the worlds of medicine, research, the economy and policy-making. It therefore plays an important part in boosting Germany as a location for medical technology. As a member of the advisory board, I am committed to ensuring that the key topics all have a place at MedtecLIVE.”

René Heilmann, Head of Marketing & Partner Relations at Freudenberg Medical, and also a member of the MedtecLIVE advisory board, adds: “MedtecLIVE provides lots of scope for future-oriented topics. At the same time, it is a platform for dialogue, where current challenges can be discussed in detail and at a practical level. It is a place where developers and engineers come together from all fields of medical technology, and find the desired solutions in discussion among themselves. The result is new business relations, and ultimately better medical products. Freudenberg Medical is looking forward to being a part of these exchanges at MedtecLIVE 2019.”

Noticeable international impact

During the advisory board meeting, NürnbergMesse Director of Exhibitions Alexander Stein and Fabienne Valambras, Brand Manager UBM EMEA Amsterdam, emphasised the goal of MedtecLIVE to be a European platform with international impact. This is supported by the fact that almost 50 percent of the exhibitor registrations received so far have come from outside Germany. During discussion with the experts, it also quickly became clear that the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is still a subject of strong interest for almost all the players in the medical technology sector. The trade fair and congress will deal with this industry-wide topic in greater depth in its lectures and information and consulting services in 2019. The organizer is MedtecLIVE GmbH, a joint venture between NürnbergMesse and UBM.

Technology trends at the MedTech Summit

With regard to the three-day MedTech Summit congress, to be held in parallel with the trade fair, Dr Matthias Schier, CEO of Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., announced a number of format changes. “The subject-based modules at the MedTech Summit focus on the effect of the dynamics of current innovations in various technological fields on medical technology. Current approaches from fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics and customised manufacturing create new opportunities for solutions in medical care that will be discussed at this event. A new element in 2019 is a combination of lecture modules and interactive formats that will further boost the concept of a dynamic networking platform.”

The members of the MedtecLIVE advisory board are Brainport Industries (NL) BVMed, BYTEC Medizintechnik, Cleanroom Competence CRC, Forum MedTech Pharma, Freudenberg Medical Europe, Jüke Systemtechnik, Life Science Austria (AT), Medical Valley EMN, NELIPAK Healthcare Packaging (NL), Siemens Healthcare and ZVEI. Forum MedTech Pharma is also honorary sponsor of MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit.

About MedtecLIVE

MedtecLIVE is a leading networking platform for the international medical technology community. The trade exhibition’s offering covers the full process chain in the production of medical engineering equipment, from prototypes to ready-for-market products. Leading companies, associations and institutions will engage in networking at MedtecLIVE to cultivate contacts, share ideas and create new innovations. At the prestigious MedTech Summit Congress & Partnering, experts and scientists will discuss future industry trends on an interdisciplinary basis. MedtecLIVE will be held from 21 to 23 May 2019 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. The exhibition organiser is MedtecLIVE GmbH, a joint venture of NürnbergMesse and UBM. Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. is the honorary sponsor of MedtecLIVE and MedTech Summit.

Participants at the first session of the MedtecLive advisory board (L-R): Henk Meens (NELIPAK Healthcare Packaging), Rene Heilmann (Freudenberg Medical Europe), Hans-Peter Bursig (Fachverband Elektromedizinische Technik (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association), part of ZVEI), Wolfgang Henker (Cleanroom Competence CRC), Jörg Trinkwalter (Medical Valley EMN e.V.), Dr Matthias Schier (Forum MedTech Pharma), Nicole Kasischke (BYTEC Medizintechnik), Alexander Stein (NürnbergMesse), Fabienne Valambras (UBM), Richard Krowoza (NürnbergMesse), Dr Michael Meyer (Siemens Healthcare GmbH), Sven Lübbers (NürnbergMesse), Dr Thomas Feigl (Bayern Innovativ), Peter Ottmann (NürnbergMesse) and Claus Rättich (NürnbergMesse)