Model code of sustainability for uniform industry standard
8/30/2023 Sustainability News

Model code of sustainability for uniform industry standard

The German Medical Technology Association (BVMed) is the first trade association to publish a model sustainability code for its sector. It reflects the applicable law and summarises the essential aspects for sustainable action by medical technology companies. The model code can be adopted voluntarily by all medical technology companies and extended by individual self-declarations.

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With the new Sustainability Code, which was developed together with the law firm Clifford Chance and reviewed by the Federal Cartel Office, BVMed wants to contribute to a uniform industry standard. The paper offers orientation to medtech companies as well as the possibility to clarify their own understanding of sustainability to business partners. The model code addresses the three pillars of sustainability (social, ecological, economic), maps the applicable law, and interprets it uniformly.

The model code takes the following aspects into account:

  • Social sustainability: compliance with occupational health and safety obligations, promotion of diversity and inclusion, freedom from discrimination, payment of a fair and equal wage, freedom of association, and prohibition of slavery, forced labour, and child labour.
  • Environmental sustainability: conservation of resources, reduction of CO2 emissions, waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention.
  • Economic sustainability and governance: Responsible corporate management and strategy as well as sustainable and transparent supply chains.
Business partners, hospitals and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding far-reaching declarations of commitment from medical technology manufacturers to comply with the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act. With our model sustainability code, companies can declare their social, ecological and economic understanding of sustainability.
Marc-Pierre Möll, Managing Director, BVMed
In the production and distribution of medical products, the livelihoods of all people must be kept in mind and human rights must be comprehensively respected and ensured, according to the association. The aspect of sustainability is of great importance for the healthcare industry and medical technology supply.
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