Laser technology paves the way for modern medical technology
2/10/2023 Transformation News

Laser technology paves the way for modern medical technology

Laser systems from TRUMPF are designed to enable manufacturers of medical devices and medical components to process even the smallest components precisely, flexibly and with consistently high quality. They are also said to enable the use of advanced and biocompatible materials. Medical device manufacturers are using the technology to implement a range of applications, including welding pacemakers, cutting stents or cannulas, marking reusable surgical instruments, and 3D printing artificial joints and dental implants.

Laser system from TRUMPF There are numerous applications for laser technology in the medical technology industry. One is the so-called blackmarking of medical technology with the laser. (Image: TRUMPF)

"Innovative medical devices cannot be manufactured without laser technology. Our lasers enable medical technology manufacturers to keep improving their products," according to Bernd Block, the company's medical technology sector manager. This enables even gentler treatment options for patients, he adds. 

Machines for automated production

A major trend in the medical technology industry is the automation of in-house manufacturing. "This is particularly evident in the production of high-risk products such as pacemakers. Medical technology manufacturers need standard machines that can be automated for this purpose," Block continues. 

Medical technology manufacturers should be able to combine the high-tech company's laser systems very easily with cobots in their production, for example. These robots, which can work together with humans without protective enclosures, load and unload the laser systems with components, according to the company. Monotonous and physically demanding movements are thus eliminated for the machine operators.