5-Point-Plan for Germany as a Medical Technology Location
5/19/2023 Regulation News

5-Point-Plan for Germany as a Medical Technology Location

In a 5-point plan, the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed) calls for measures to strengthen Germany as a medical technology location as envisaged in the coalition agreement. The demands of the association include a commissioned person from the federal government for the industrial health economy, a strengthening of resilience and supply chains, a moratorium on burdens and a de-bureaucratisation offensive for the SME-dominated sector, fast-track procedures for innovations with clear deadlines, and simple recognition procedures for required skilled workers.

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Chairman Meinrad Lugan described the medical technology sector as a "flagship for the German economy": "We are drivers of innovation. We are a job engine. We have hidden champions and are export world champions. We have 93 per cent medium-sized businesses. There is a lot at stake for Germany. Because: Germany as a medical technology location is at great risk." In addition to the massive increase in costs for energy, raw materials, and logistics, as well as inflation and rising wages, this is primarily due to "home-made problems": a very complicated regulatory system for medical devices, excessive bureaucratisation, and regulatory frenzy, as well as sluggish digitisation in the healthcare system and a lack of data usage. "We are not sending out signals for an innovation-friendly location," says Lugan. He demands: "To keep top talent in the country and develop innovations here, we need better framework conditions!".
The coalition agreement of the federal government offers good approaches to this, but one and a half years later there is little sign of it so far. "Words must now be followed by deeds," urges the German medical technology association, suggesting a 5-point plan. In its detailed position paper, it pleads for "holistic and strategic approaches" to strengthen Germany as a medical technology location and for the integration of the expertise of companies. "Politics must remain in dialogue with business," say Lugan and Möll. BVMed's 5-point plan includes:
1. Federal government commissioner for the industrial health economy.
2. Strengthen resilience and supply chains
3. A moratorium on burdens and an offensive to reduce bureaucracy
4. Fast track for innovations with clear deadlines
5. Attract skilled workers

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