Crisis summit on PFAS with Minister
7/20/2023 Regulation News

Crisis summit on PFAS with Minister

Following a discussion on the planned PFAS ban with the Minister of Economics of Baden-Württemberg, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the industry association SPECTARIS welcomes the Minister's differentiated stance. "A broad cross-section of industries, from automotive to semiconductors to medical technology, showed at this crisis summit how massively all industrial sectors are affected by the EU's plans," emphasised association managing director Jörg Mayer.

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After the discussion, which was attended by representatives of companies, associations, and research institutions, the Minister of Economics said: "Of course, a very careful handling of substances is necessary in order to protect people and the environment in the best possible way. But it is just as self-evidently necessary to take a more differentiated view and approach, to weigh up precisely the benefits for people, the environment, and society against the risks that can arise when these substances are used. To initiate this process and to shape it together with business, society, and politics is my goal."
This discussion also showed that the topic is too complex for blanket assessments that ignore both different risks of substances and substance groups as well as impacts on society and technologies. It cannot be assumed that the current ECHA procedure adequately takes into account the functioning of our high-tech industries. In none of the high-tech industries is it possible to analyse the entirety of the supply chains for PFAS use, let alone alternatives, within the consultation period. Thus, there will be no firm data at the end of this process.
Jörg Mayer, Managing Director SPECTARIS
All industries present at the ministry reported that only a small proportion of SMEs were even able to participate substantially in the consultation with information on uses, which reinforces the need for group-based exemptions. Mayer: "It is extremely important that other Länder ministries speak out and object to the current procedure, not only ministries of economics but also ministries of health and research."

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We wanted to know from Frauke Averbeck, expert at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, what associations and companies can do now.

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