23 - 25 May 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

MedtecLIVE with T4M – The trade fair for medical technology manufacturers

MedtecLIVE Product range

MedtecLIVE with T4M – Where medical technology manufacturers meet

MedtecLIVE with T4M is Europe’s leading trade fair for biomedical engineering and an important event for decision-makers in the medical technology industry. The exhibition is a meeting point for forward-thinking experts presenting innovative processes for the production of medical technology. In addition to the latest processes, components, materials and services from along the entire supply chain, the event places special focus on face-to-face networking combined with the right digital services.

The biomedical engineering solutions on show at MedtecLIVE with T4M

Over the course of three days, exhibitors and visitors from the medical technology industry will come together for exciting discussions in Nuremberg. These will focus on the current challenges and latest developments in biomedical engineering.

The exhibition will offer comprehensive insights into the supply chain for medical device production. MedtecLIVE with T4M will showcase a wide range of exhibitors, from system and component manufacturers to specialist service providers. Focus topics range from automation to the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Get an overview for yourself now

  1. Contract manufacturing and medical device production

  2. IT in medical technology and electrical components

  3. Raw materials & components

  4. Processes, automation, manufacturing & machinery

  5. Measuring, testing & validation

  6. Services in biomedical engineering

Contract manufacturing and medical device production

The creation of products and processes in the healthcare sector represents a highly specialised field of industrial design that focuses on the needs of the user. Design in biomedical engineering is all about balancing legal obligations, the basic function, intuitive control and the user’s need for a product design that is both timeless and unorthodox

Our exhibitors will be happy to discuss the following topics with you:

  • Contract research and development
  • Studies
  • Prototyping
  • Process design and development
  • Other design

IT in medical technology and electrical components

Digitalisation is becoming ever more important in biomedical engineering, with various laws laying out the legal framework in e-health. The manufacture and operation of connected medical technology calls for the combined expertise of the medical and IT sectors, with the aim of creating a modern, sustainable and networked healthcare system. Connectivity and software for controlling devices, displays, procedures and imaging processes are just some examples of how modern IT can help medical engineering.

From hardware and communication technology to IT security, at MedtecLIVE with T4M you will find expert exhibitors presenting solutions in the following areas:

  • Hardware
  • Software development
  • IT Security
  • Graphics / image processing
  • Augmented / Vvrtual reality
  • Online services / apps / cloud services
  • Big data management
  • Human machine interface (HMI) / machine-machine interface (MMI)
  • Communications technology
  • Operating Systems

Raw materials & components

Modern biomedical engineering uses a variety of materials that must perfectly meet the needs of the respective application. Special attention must be paid to material quality when manufacturing medical devices, in order to avoid component failure caused by adverse material combinations. In biomedical engineering in particular, it is essential to ensure that the materials and components used are biocompatible and comply with regulatory requirements.

The expertise at the exhibition ranges from raw materials and electronic components to motors, valves and other components in medical technology:

  • Raw materials
  • Treated / processed material
  • Adhesives
  • Electronic components
  • Microtechnology
  • Motors and controls
  • Pumps and valves
  • Other components

Processes, automation, manufacturing & machinery

Biomedical engineering is subject to the standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. This norm lays out the requirements for quality management systems covering medical device design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Machinery used in medical device manufacturing must offer a high degree of precision and reliability. These requirements became even more demanding with the European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR). Medical device manufacturers must also pay attention to quality management for outsourced processes.

Speak with our exhibitors and discover how they can help you in the processes involved in medical device production:

  • Surface functionalisation / treatment
  • Metal processing
  • Plastic processing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Mould making
  • Tool production
  • Sterilisation
  • Clean room
  • Contract manufacturing
  • OEM
  • Packaging and packaging technology
  • Printing, bar coding, labelling
  • Extrusion

Measuring, testing & validation

Testing innovations in medical technology is an essential part of product development and approval. Medical devices in particular usually possess several characteristics and functions that manufacturers must guarantee. Certain test procedures are necessary to ensure that these products are safe for patients, users and others. Measurement, testing and validation require detailed knowledge of commercial processes, legal provisions and scientific developments in biomedical engineering.

Our exhibitors can offer you the perfect strategies for achieving global approval for your products:

  • Inspections and approvals
  • Analyses
  • Testing equipment und systems
  • Validation
  • Metrology

Services in biomedical engineering

Today, medical device manufacturers are faced with demanding requirements when developing their products. They must comply with all medical regulations in full before the product can even go to market. These are accompanied by several norms, standards and processes like the European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices Regulation (IVDR). In order to succeed, medical technology manufacturers rely heavily on the training and expertise of their staff.

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Documentation
  • Consulting
  • Marketing / sales
  • Patents & IP
  • Approval
  • Certification
  • Financing / sponsorship
  • Translation
  • Recruitment agency
  • Cluster / associations / lobby groups
  • Publications
  • Continuous education / training
  • Other

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