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Digital Event platform of MedtecLIVE with T4M as a digital companion

Use the digital platform of MedtecLIVE with T4M as a networking opportunity - before, during and after the show.

Why do I need the digital event platform?

You too can benefit from the complementary digital elements. The digital extension combines the best of MedtecLIVE with T4M on site with the digital world. Use the intelligent search and the detailed product directory to find exhibitors and products or make appointments directly with the exhibitors on site. Experience the full diversity of embedded world on site in Nuremberg or experience high-quality highlights of the industry meeting in Nuremberg at home around the world.

The perfect companion in all phases of participation

  • Before the trade fair
    Managing your meetings and video calls in your calender
    • Register on the platform as soon as the TicketShop is online
    • Look for interesting conversational partners and establish personal contacts
    • Arrange appointments on site or digitally
    • Plan your visit to the show
    • Favorite and save interesting exhibitor and product profiles
    • Create your personal agenda
    • Download the app
  • During the trade fair
    • Use the app to have your appointments and contacts with you on site.
    • Get an overview and orient yourself through the digital hall plan
    • Watch live broadcasts
    • Chat with other participants
    • Quickly find suitable exhibitors & products
  • After the trade fair
    Streams and content are on-demand available after the exhibition
    • Continue to contact trade fair participants of interest to you and network with the community
    • Watch recorded presentations from the show
    • Continue to use the exhibitor and product lists
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Available as app & desktop version

By downloading the talque app and logging in on your smartphone with your existing login data, you as a participant always have all the content of the digital platform of MedtecLIVE with T4M with you. When visiting the trade fair, you can easily call up your own compiled agenda, including agreed appointments, at any time. The chat and video call function means you can be reached wherever you are, and the list of participating exhibitors, including products, as well as important information and FAQs about the trade show are always available. It is best to download and set up the app before the start of the trade show.

Download the app now:

Important information on the digital event platform

  • For exhibitors

    Video tutorials for exhibitors of MedtecLIVE with T4M

    Create and manage your exhibitor profile in talque

    In the tutorial you will learn how to create and manage your company profile in talque, the digital event platform of MedtecLIVE with T4M

    Interaction for exhibitors in talque

    Learn about the benefits of the networking features of talque. Get in contact with other exhibition participants and set up meetings on-site or online and much more.

    Exhibition preparation for exhibitors with talque

    Prepare your digital presence in talque in good time before MedtecLIVE with T4M so that you and your company can benefit from the digital platform in the best possible way.

    Everything everywhere on demand for exhibitors

    Draw more attention to your company! Content such as exhibitor presentations can be streamed live via talque and are available on-demand at any time.

    Our editorial team will be happy to assist you with any further questions:


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  • For participants

    Interaction for participants on talque

    With talque's networking features, you can expand your network easily and quickly - watch the video to find out how.

    Exhibition preparation for participants

    In the run-up to MedtecLIVE with T4M, you can already maintain your participant profile in talque and prepare for the exhibition. Learn more about the onboarding process and the functions in the video!

    Everything everywhere on demand for participants

    Access all information on interesting companies and products at MedtecLIVE with T4M, your scheduled appointments and events at any time. Learn more about the practical features of talque in the video.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Find our FAQ for participants as well as for exhibitors here.

The special conditions for participants for the use of the digital event platform can be found here.