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Digital technologies are revolutionizing healthcare. From telemedicine applications to intelligent healthcare platforms - research, care and patients benefit equally from digitalization.

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Harnessing Test Automation for Superior Software Quality

Automated testing is faster, more cost-effective, accurate, and reliable than manual testing, especially for repetitive, large-scale, or complex tasks. It saves time and reduces errors, making it essential for efficient CI/CD processes and comprehensive test coverage.


Interview: ‘The enthusiasm for innovation in medical technology remains unbroken’

What conditions do founders currently find in the medtech sector? We talked about this with Kurt Höller, Managing Director of EIT Health Germany-Switzerland since 2023. As Director of Business Creation and InvestHealth, he has supported over 1,000 start-ups in raising 3 billion euros.

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Innovation in High-Speed - an example from real live

Fast - innovative - sustainable - this is how products can be created today. The example of a system development in the shortest possible time. A Product development for diagnostics can be carried out quickly and accurately even today. The prerequisite is close and trusting cooperation.

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Unleash the Power of AI in Software Testing with AQUA

Struggling with lengthy and inefficient software testing processes in MedTech? Discover AQUA, our AI-driven solution designed to revolutionize your testing workflow. Save up to 47% of your test case creation time.

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Parkinson's: Improving quality of life with "Telenurse" and AI

Around 400,000 people in Germany are affected by Parkinson's disease. The start-up Portabiles Healthcare Systems from the Erlangen medtech cluster has dedicated itself to slowing down the physical decline of patients and enabling them to lead an active life for a long time.

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HiCardi+ (Mobile Cardiac Telemetry) - say "Hi" to your heart

HiCardi+(Smart Patch): The Wireless/Wearable Real-Time Remote Patient Monitor was designed for Simultaneous, Centralized Remote Monitoring of Multiple Patients.

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Developing Software as a Medical Device

Companies in the healthcare market are facing a major challenge: they want to expand their offering with digital solutions – but at the same time have to comply with a large number of regulatory requirements and laws.

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Say “Hi” to Your Heart-! Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry - Monitor your Heart Anytime, Anywhere

HiCardi+(Smart Patch) is a wireless, wearable real-time remote patient monitoring device that enables simultaneous, centralized remote monitoring of multiple patients.

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BAYOOSOFT Themis: Technical documentation reimagined

Efficient and compliant with standards: Your validated solution for documentation processes of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics – Digitize linked processes and sustainably reduce documentation efforts while minimizing redundant data.

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Management & Krankenhaus: Your No. 1 for Healthcare

Management & Krankenhaus addresses top management as well as all managers and users at in-patient facilities who are involved in investment decisions and process optimization.

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