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Biomedical engineering is subject to the standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. This norm lays out the requirements for quality management systems covering medical device design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Machinery used in medical device manufacturing must offer a high degree of precision and reliability. These requirements became even more demanding with the European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR). Medical device manufacturers must also pay attention to quality management for outsourced processes.

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Heads of the industry: A portrait of Bernd Block

Emotions, empathy and drive: Dr. Bernd Block is a global industry manager for medical technology at Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik AG in Ditzingen. His career is characterized by a multifaceted academic career. But for Block, his work is more than just a job - it is his passion.

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Start-up series: To the top of the world market with bioplastics?

Sustainability in medical technology is more important than ever. Biovox from Darmstadt has caught the right moment. The start-up is the first supplier of recyclable bioplastics approved for use in medical technology. We present Biovox in our series on young companies.

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Highly efficient component development

Tailor-made solution for the development of mass products in medical technology. With short delivery times, significantly higher output quantities, near-series tool design and a robust process, we create optimal conditions for the development and industrialization of your products!

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Additive Manufacturing in Medical Technology

Additive manufacturing can be used to manufacture, coat or repair components with extremely high material requirements. Individualized series production of high-quality implants is a main application area for additive manufacturing in medical technology.

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3D capable: Marking laser TruMicro Mark 1020

With its ultrashort laser pulses, the TruMicro Mark series is the ideal partner for applying high-quality UDI codes also on complex three-dimensional shapes and free form.

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From Prototpying to Serial Production

We prefer to accompany you from the very beginning of your development process. From the individual silicone component to the finished assembly - but always with the right focus on the overall solution.

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3D printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing; for your innovative products in MEDTechnology

MetShape is your expert for additive manufacturing of 3d printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing. MetShape's unique approach is rooted in our profound SINTERING EXPERTISE and our LMM TECHNOLOGY, enabling exceptional precision in both small and large-scale production.

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Micro EDM

One of the most innovative technology trends in manufacturing is the miniaturization of components. Micro components are often required in small or medium quantities, as they often differ significantly from each other in terms of requirements and application.

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Welding fluidic parts cleanly and precisely by laser

Various fluidic parts must be tightly welded in medical applications without creating impurities such as particles. Lasers can be used to join such parts precisely and even with complex channel geometries.

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High precision down to the μ in implantology

Hard-to-machine materials such as platinum, titanium, stainless steel and special alloys present us with special challenges in tool development - which we gladly accept.

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