ProByLas AG

Short description

ProByLas AG offers modular machines and machine components for laser welding of plastics. Ready-for-use "Turnkey" machines are offered and "Modula" machine components, which can be integrated into a special machine by a machine builder.

Range of products

  • D Prototyping
  • D Process design
  • D Process development
  • M Control system/Controls
  • M Other components
  • P Plastics processing
  • P Laser processing
  • S Consulting

About us

ProByLas AG is specialist on machines and machine components for welding plastics by laser. Thanks to the modular design, the machines can be configured to suit the parts to be welded and the customer's requirements. Different lasers, optics for beam shaping, motion systems and clamping units are available and are configured by us for your welding task.

The optics for beam shaping are also modular again, so that different process types are possible:

  • contour process with a spot optic, which can optionally be equipped with a pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement,
  • quasi-simultaneous process with galvo scanner and sensors on clamping unit to detect the setting path during welding,
  • simultaneous process by special optics converting the laser beam into the geometry of the weld seam as e.g. ring optics, line optics, areal optics or diffractive optics (DOE),
  • circumferential welding with radial optics or by rotating the parts under spot optics,
  • ball and roller optics to weld foils, technical textiles or thin plates without clamping unit by dynamic clamping with the ball and roller,
  • mask welding with line optics, which is passed over a shadow mask above the parts.

 To test and evaluate the best welding process and machine for specific customer parts, tests with customer materials and parts are offered in the application laboratory. Welding trials with prototypes up to small series production before machine delivery are possible.