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From innovative dressing materials to sustainable disposable products - the production and use of high-quality materials has a direct impact on the continuous improvement of patient care.

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j. söllner AG Hall 1 / 1-510

High-pressure valves for medical technology

The high-pressure check valves from j. söllner AG are unrivaled on the market. j. söllner AG presents various variants for applications up to 83 bar (1,200 PSI), which can also be optimally integrated into hose systems for angiography.

Pantostamp Srl Hall 1 / 1-936

Full electric molds for clean room

Over the last decade Pantostamp has developed and tested various full electric applications for its moulds. To operate in clean rooms and aseptic environments, Pantostamp produces its own molds using brushless engine complete with control units...

Hagmann Tec Hall 1 / 1-726

Custom blister packaging for your product

Precision blister packaging for watch and medical technology: standard & customized from ISO 7 cleanroom. We offer tailored solutions, from consultation to production, for the highest quality standards. Perfect shapes and rigorous quality controls ensure protection and presentation.

j. söllner AG Hall 1 / 1-510

Discover perfection in production: everything under one roof!

Master every challenge with our comprehensive know-how: from innovative mold making to state-of-the-art injection molding machines and ISO Class 7 clean rooms. Together we will realize your individual visions for components, check valves and sterile hose systems!

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging Hall 1 / 1-402

Sustainable Materials

At Nelipak, we are working to “help healthcare be sustainable”. One of the five focus areas that comprise our sustainability circle is Design for Circularity.  Developing sustainable packaging solutions is a top priority for the healthcare industry.

ProByLas AG Hall 1 / 1-727
Best practice

Welding fluidic parts cleanly and precisely by laser

Various fluidic parts must be tightly welded in medical applications without creating impurities such as particles. Lasers can be used to join such parts precisely and even with complex channel geometries.

ProByLas AG Hall 1 / 1-727
Best practice

Clear to clear - laser welding without colorant

Also transparent plastics without any added colorant can be welded by laser. An extra certification of the plastics additives can be avoided. The standard wavelengths for welding with laser at 800-1'100 nm are changed and adapted to the employed type of plastics.

Sindlhauser Materials GmbH Hall 1 / 1-111
Market & Industry

Upgrade Now

Sindlhauser Materials GmbH - your expert and supplier for a wide variety of materials for various coating processes. Our expertise: Sputter targets, LaB6 ceramics and cathodes, suspensions, granules / vapor deposition raw materials, oils and grease.

MS Ultraschall Technologie GmbH Hall 1 / 1-316

MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE: Punching and sealing in one process step

Whether as a manual workstation or seamless integration into an automation system – our modular solution MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE combines membrane punching and sealing in one process step and offers a cycle time of less than 2 seconds.

DESOTEC GmbH Sondermaschinenbau Hall 1 / 1-822

Siliconisation in the Medtech Industry

We support and advise about solutions for the siliconisation and related safety measures within the field of assembly of medical components. Lern more about this topic and our partnership with microjet.

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