MS Ultraschall Technologie GmbH

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With its innovative ultrasonic welding machines, the MS Ultrasonic Technology Group offers high-performance complete solutions in the field of joining and processing technology for thermoplastics, films and textiles.

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Range of products

  • P Plastics processing
  • P Packaging technology

About us

The MS Ultrasonic Technology Group acts as a technology and innovation leader in ultrasonic techniques and develops and builds flexible custom machines, pioneering series machines, modular systems and efficient components for high-performance complete solutions. MS Ultrasonic thus covers the demanding needs of customers in the automotive, packaging/food, textile, medical technology, consumer goods and electrical components industries.

This enables them to optimally weld, punch, seal, cut and rivet thermoplastics, textiles and nonwovens (nonwovens) as well as cut food products.

MS sonxTOP - Ultrasonic series machines

Building on our thirty years of experience through the development of the MS sonxMAC special machines, MS presents its specially developed, innovative series machine for the plastics and textile processing industry.

Our comprehensive know-how in the fields of ultrasonic and machine technology has resulted in the most process-safe, convenient and economical series machine on the market. App-based control technology creates connectivity in the sense of Ultrasound 4.0. With its different machine concepts and variants, the MS sonxTOP product family is perfectly adapted to the needs of the market and is designed both for manual operation and for integration as an inline variant in automated lines.