Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Cleaner for optimum process reliability for medical technology components

FUCHS offers for the optimum intermediate and final cleaning of medical implants and instruments with RENOCLEAN FDC 4001 and RENOCLEAN MTS 7001 special cleaners, which are perfectly matched to the pre-processes with FUCHS processing media.

The requirements in the manufacture of instruments and implants are very high. The cleaners must safely remove processing agents such as oil, wax, cooling lubricants, lapping and polishing pastes etc. during intermediate cleaning. Final cleaning always requires the highest degree of cleanliness in terms of "high purity". The cleaning of implants and surgical instruments plays a decisive role not only at the end of the production process. Even impurities in the ppm range can lead to serious complications with implants, for example. A stable process is therefore of the utmost priority in order to maintain the high quality standards that medical products must meet. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for optimally coordinating the cleaning process and the system and process technology. It results from a consideration of the entire production process. The key criteria here are the materials to be cleaned, the size and geometry of the component, the type and quantity of contamination, the throughput, the required flexibility and, of course, the specification with regard to filmic and particulate cleanliness. When using aqueous cleaners, it is advisable to clarify the material compatibility and the achievable result in advance through cleaning tests. Last but not least, transport containers, tools and tool holders as well as the production areas must also be adequately maintained using suitable cleaning products.