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MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE: Punching and sealing in one process step

Whether as a manual workstation or seamless integration into an automation system – our modular solution MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE combines membrane punching and sealing in one process step and offers a cycle time of less than 2 seconds.

o save material and production costs of plastic parts with integrated membranes: MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE. Whether as a manual workstation or integrated in an automation system, the modular solutions integrates punching and sealing of the membrane in one process step (among others DAE [pressure equalization elements]) in a cycle time of less than 2 seconds. In short, the ultrasonic machine combines four process steps. Strip transport with splice control, mechanical punching out of the strip material, transport of the membrane die-cuts to the sealing position and lastly, sealing of the die-cuts by means of ultrasonic on the plastic components.

To reduce machine downtime to a minimum, when changing the punching and sealing tools, the MS sonxTOP MEMBRANE has an innovative quick tool change system which enables tools to be changed in under five minutes (without the cutting gap between the sonotrode and the punching die needing to be adjusted).


  • Available as a manual workstation (table machine) and for integration into automation systems as a stand and inline module
  • Punching and welding in one work step
  • Material savings due to individually adjustable cycle widths
  • Integrated leak test (optional)
  • Integrated belt monitoring (optional)
  • Splice point control (optional)
  • With torsional sonotrode, welding of thinnest membrane materials possible (optional)
  • Job change possible, in just a few minutes, due to preset punch-seal tools
  • Unbeatable energy efficiency and high positioning accuracy thanks to integrated servo drive technology
  • You are investing in intelligent and seamless connectivity for your Industry 4.0 production

Torsional punching and sealing

A special feature is the punching and sealing of membranes using the MS Technology Group’s patented torsional sonotrode. Due to the tangentially introduced vibrations, the membrane material is punched and sealed particularly gently, allowing the thinnest materials to be used. Damage to welded membranes is reduced many times over compared to conventional longitudinal welds.

Due to the ban on PFAS in PTFE membranes and ever increasing demands on permeability, membrane manufacturers are facing major challenges. Thanks to the torsional sonotrode technology, even newly developed and thinnest membranes can be welded.

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