Lesjöfors Springs & Pressings

Short description

The Lesjöfors Group are global market leaders in spring and pressing manufacture. With over 60 locations, Lesjöfors provides a competitive environment dedicated to quality, accuracy, customer satisfaction, and sustainability, delivering impact to every industry.

Range of products

  • D Contract Research
  • D Contract development
  • D Studies
  • D Prototyping
  • D Process design
  • D Process development
  • D Other design
  • M Treated/processed material
  • M Other components
  • P Metal processing
  • P Toolproduction
  • P Contract manufacturing
  • S Documentation
  • S Consulting
  • S Quality assurance, quality control
  • S Other services

About us

Crucially sitting at the heart of many medical devices, medical equipment, and hygiene-related products and performing a vital function within the device applications, are springs and pressings. Lesjöfors manufactures and supplies the medical industry with springs and pressings from wire or strip material. 

With a big network of state-of-the-art production facilities and production technology across Asia, Europe and America, certified according to the ISO 13485 certification, Lesjöfors meets the demands of the international medical marketplace. Lesjöfors’ global sales and manufacturing platform enables our customers to avoid supply chain risks as we’re geographically positioned to offer efficiencies. Our network of operations delivers a ‘local’ supply chain, reducing lead time risks within the purchasing cycle. Regardless of the quantity and application, we offer innovative solutions for manufacturing, cleanliness, packaging and automation.

The Lesjöfors Group are world leaders in spring and pressing manufacture. The group's ambition is to not only become the largest supplier but also to be seen as the preferred supplier of springs and pressings to the global medical industry.

The group employs 2,500 people across 50 production sites and sales units in 21 countries. With annual sales reaching 430 million Euros, we serve over 16,000 customers from various industries.

As one of the largest spring corporations in the world, the group’s large range of products includes springs, gas springs, metal belts and pressings across an extensive range of wire sizes for every industry. Committed to manufacturing excellence, reliability and customer service, their global spring manufacturing and technological development network is dedicated to world-leading products. 

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