Hygiene, Sterilization, Disinfection

Innovative solutions ensure the safety and quality of medical products as a cornerstone of medical technology.

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KKS Ultraschall AG Hall 1 / 1-726

Automatic linear systems - fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning systems

Ultrasonic cleaning is often a sub-step of a comprehensive cleaning or surface treatment process. The definition of customised cleaning processes and the development and manufacture of automatic cleaning systems is a core competence of KKS.

SBS Ecoclean Group Hall 1 / 1-240

Cleaning medical technology parts safely and efficiently

Traceable cleaning solutions to validate your processes. Whether aqueous, solvent-based, single-stage or multi-stage - the traceable cleaning systems from Ecoclean and UCM offer optimum conditions for process validation in medical technology.

STERISYS Hall 1 / 1-513

Industrial sterilization with ethylene oxide

STERISYS offers turnkey ethylene oxide sterilization systems. We support you from consulting to maintenance. As a leading manufacturer, we supply innovative solutions for medical device manufacturers and sterilization service providers worldwide.

Elma Schmidbauer GmbH Hall 1 / 1-332

Elmasystem Evo

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems: Modular. Reliable. Connected. A fully automated solution for the most demanding cleaning requirements - Elmasystem Evo adapts flexibly to a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

Bo-Inno GmbH Hall 1 / 1-227

Intelligent cleaning basket

A modular rotation system was developed for ultrasonic cleaning systems, which can be used on existing systems without the need for costly modifications. This was achieved by integrating the control system and power supply via a battery system.

evos GmbH Hall 1 / 1-518a
Market & Industry

sphairlab - a sister company of evos

sphairlab GmbH is repositioning itself. We are delighted to be taking over the operational business of sphairlab GmbH from the inventor Jens Hutzenlaub. Max Lindemann is now managing the business at the new location at the Aachen Merzbrück research airport.

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