Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Industrial sterilization with ethylene oxide

STERISYS offers turnkey ethylene oxide sterilization systems. We support you from consulting to maintenance. As a leading manufacturer, we supply innovative solutions for medical device manufacturers and sterilization service providers worldwide.

At STERISYS, we focus on the engineering and construction of turnkey sterilization equipment for the EO vacuum and overpressure processes. Therefore, we provide you with support right from the beginning: from consulting on the sterilization process, to engineering, installation and commissioning at customer site, through to maintenance.

Through the use of 3D visualization tool, STERISYS also provides you with support in designing the entire sterilization system and the optimal production flow. The sterilization chamber (including all the necessary process components), the preconditioning chambers, the degassing chambers, the gas treatment unit and also the control room are integrated into your existing or new infrastructure.

Instead of the costly replacement of an existing plant with a new investment, modernization is a cost-efficient alternative. The control technology, individual process components or even the entire system can be modernized individually according to your requirements. We will assist you with comprehensive advice to find the ideal retrofit solution and implement it with you.

As one of the leading manufacturers of EO sterilization equipment, we supply our flexible and innovative solutions to international medical device manufacturers and sterilization service providers.