OP/surgical technology and robotics

Precise robotic assistance and innovative surgical technologies increase the accuracy and effectiveness of medical interventions and effectively protect patients.

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Advantech Europe BV Hall 1 / 1-523

Endoscopy diagnosis and treatment with AI implementation

Advancements in endoscopy technology play a pivotal role in cancer prevention and diagnosis. Today it is possible to address common challenges like bulky-sized systems, high latency in computing, and reliance on human analysis by adopting Advantech's MIO-5377R SBC and MIOe-UMXM expansion module.

WILDDESIGN GmbH Hall 1 / 1-632

Design and usability of surgical instruments

WILDDESIGN is known as a reliable partner in the field of medical design, especially in the development of surgical and laparoscopic instruments. In this highly specialized field, perfect ergonomics and haptic value are crucial to ensure the precision and safety of medical interventions.

WKK Kaltbrunn AG Hall 1 / 1-814

Individual punching solutions

The stamped parts from WKK Kaltbrunn AG can be found everywhere - even in the mountains on ski tours. Regardless of the area of application, the stamped parts from WKK impress with their precision and durability. We supply various industries: Medical, building services, electrical and industry.

Advantech Europe BV Hall 1 / 1-523

Customized medical device solutions

Advantech provides customized medical device solution, including a modular design for flexibility, human-machine interfaces for smart systems, high-safety motherboards, which can help hospitals reduce operation mistakes and get precise and instant help.

MED engineering DACH Digital only

Be Present for a Year at the Most Important International Trade Fairs

MED engineering international presents you its highlights of the six editions of MED engineering including OEM components, electronics and materials for designers and developers of all types of medical devices and laboratory equipment.