Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Design and usability of surgical instruments

WILDDESIGN is known as a reliable partner in the field of medical design, especially in the development of surgical and laparoscopic instruments. In this highly specialized field, perfect ergonomics and haptic value are crucial to ensure the precision and safety of medical interventions.

On behalf of Erbe Elektromedizin, WILDDESIGN has developed the design and ergonomics for the TriSect rapide, an innovative instrument for laparoscopic surgery. The TriSect rapide combines the important functions of holding, cutting and coagulation in a single instrument, setting new standards in minimally invasive surgery.

By intelligently integrating these functions, the TriSect rapide enables efficient handling during operations. Reducing the need to change instruments reduces operating time and minimizes risk to patients. Our design focuses on optimizing ergonomics to support the surgeon's natural hand movement. This reduces fatigue and increases the overall efficiency of the surgical team. The haptic design of the TriSect rapide is specifically designed to provide the surgeon with precise and direct feedback, which is essential for accurate incisions and effective coagulation. The intuitive handling of the instrument allows the surgeon to concentrate fully on the surgical procedure. | TriSect-rapide