Medical equipment and devices

From advanced diagnostic devices to patient-friendly therapies - technical innovations are taking patient care to a new level.

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JÜKE Systemtechnik GmbH Hall 1 / 1-628

Innovative Product Development and System Integration

Our experts translate customer requirements into reliable technical solutions, program firmware and software and provide standard-compliant documentation in accordance with the required norms and standards.

Best practice

Start-ups series: Vibrations in the body show the surgeon the way

When the needle presses against tissue in the body during minimally invasive procedures, vibrations are generated. Sensors can report these tiny earthquakes back to the surgeon and guide him. With this approach, the young start-up Surag Medical aims to make operations safer and more cost-effective.

seleon GmbH Hall 1 / 1-316

Medical technology in perfection

The production area – as one of three business divisions of seleon GmbH – has been dealing with the assembly and testing of mainly electro-mechanical assemblies and devices in the segment of active medical technology for more than 20 years.


In the cycle of progress: sustainable medical technology and the challenges facing the sector

The manufacture, use and disposal of medical devices and products, as well as their energy intensity, contribute to the global climate crisis. "Sustainable practices" in medical technology are therefore of great importance in paving the way for a more environmentally friendly healthcare industry.

TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik AG Hall 1 / 1-312

3D capable: Marking laser TruMicro Mark 1020

With its ultrashort laser pulses, the TruMicro Mark series is the ideal partner for applying high-quality UDI codes also on complex three-dimensional shapes and free form.

Röchling Medical Hall 1 / 1-838
Best practice

A Single Use Medical Device Designed for Sustainability

Case study from Röchling Medical on how 50 tons of CO2-equivalent could be saved by applying design for sustainability principles to a conventional single use trocar.

WILDDESIGN GmbH Hall 1 / 1-632

Design development in intensive care

WILDDESIGN is a leading partner in the field of medical design for intensive care medicine. On behalf of Löwenstein Medical, the design of a series of outstanding intensive care ventilators, the ELISA series, was created.

C.F.K. CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH Hall 1 / 1-428

Micro EDM

One of the most innovative technology trends in manufacturing is the miniaturization of components. Micro components are often required in small or medium quantities, as they often differ significantly from each other in terms of requirements and application.

RAFI GmbH & Co. KG Hall 1 / 1-545
Best practice

Development of an AI assistance system for intensive care

Mona is an innovative, latest-generation, language-based assistance system that uses AI algorithms and telemedicine to provide direct support in healthcare. Mona is the key to cost-controlled, evidence-based, data-controlled intensive-care medicine.

Market & Industry

Driving innovation and growth: Enterprise Ireland and the MedTech industry

Ireland is one of the largest medtech hubs in the world - thanks in part to Enterprise Ireland, the government agency that promotes the growth and development of local companies. In 2023, MedtecLIVE was a platform for establishing contacts with the "Emerald Isle".

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