Imaging and Diagnostics

Advanced technologies improve precision and early detection in medicine and are therefore the basis for effective treatment decisions.

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Discover sinaSCOPE – Digital 3D Microscopy Systems

sinaSCOPE is a digital 3D microscopy platform from Solectrix. It provides a live 3D image without the need for 3D glasses - conveniently on a 4K display. It allows for improved workplace ergonomics, the head remains freely movable. Available as complete system and upgrade kit, new: the Mobile model.

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Medical Apps - the seleon Market Study in the Dach Region

How important are medical apps today? Should they be developed in-house or with external development partners and who is responsible for keeping the app up to date?

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Best practice

Holistic patient diagnosis and treatment through semantic interoperability in radiology.

Optimal healthcare requires effective communication and data exchange between clinical systems. Despite different data structures, semantic interoperability enables coherent data exchange and uniform understanding of information.

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proFRAME – a powerful video grabber for medical imaging applications

In modern medicine, high-performance systems for real-time acquisition of video data are an essential part of imaging applications. The powerful video grabber proFRAME by Solectrix captures video data streams from up to 8 high-resolution 4K cameras with minimal latency.

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Market & Industry

Medical Technology in Canada

Canada has a world-class medical technologies industry with more than 2,000 medtech companies developing and manufacturing solutions for better health.