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Discover sinaSCOPE – Digital 3D Microscopy Systems

sinaSCOPE is a digital 3D microscopy platform from Solectrix. It provides a live 3D image without the need for 3D glasses - conveniently on a 4K display. It allows for improved workplace ergonomics, the head remains freely movable. Available as complete system and upgrade kit, new: the Mobile model.

A sinaSCOPE system provides a live 3D image without the need for 3D glasses, though glasses-based 3D monitor systems can easily be used depending on the application. The system allows for improved workplace ergonomics as the head remains freely movable. Fatigue-free working over a longer period of time is possible, preventing a lack of concentration.

Based on an Acer Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs™ Edition laptop and its 4K UHD display supporting glasses-free 3D, the new sinaSCOPE Mobile variant takes the system concept to a portable level, offering a lighter and more compact alternative to the stationary sinaSCOPE Professional line with its separate autostereoscopic 15.6″ 3D monitor SXD2.

The system is available in different configurations to provide the ideal approach for every user’s needs:

  • A complete sinaSCOPE system consists of a microscope equipped with two digital 4K cameras, a 3D display, an image processing unit and a PC. Available in both Professional and Mobile versions.
  • With a sinaSCOPE digital upgrade kit, all optical, eyepiece-based stereo microscopes can be expanded to a digital microscope. Other than the microscope used, this solution is identical with the complete system, offering all of its advantages. Available in both Professional and Mobile versions.
  • With sinaSCOPE OEM, we also offer an integration kit for original system development. It includes the required software, the ­sinaSCOPE 4K miniature camera heads, the same proFRAME PCIe® grabber card used in our own processing units, and our SXD2 15.6″ display.

The Solectrix camera heads used for sinaSCOPE are equipped with a highly sensitive 11 mm sensor from Sony and deliver 60 images per second in razor-sharp 4K UHD resolution. The high image quality of the Solectrix Image Pipeline optimized with low latency is decisive for the functionality of the system. The sinaSCOPE background software uses image analysis and image correction to ensure an optimal 3D image. The image data of the microscope is available for digital processing.


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