Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Compact manual workstations with NC joining module for the quality controlled assembly of small and medium series

The workstation is used for the processing of small series, or for material testing with tensile and compression forces. They are equipped with a NC joining module of our series UFM precision5.


The workstations offer maximum precision and all the advantages of state-of-the-art NC technology. They allow you to approach positions precisely, apply forces exactly and monitor and evaluate the process in real time. The compact stations follow the plug & play principle. You can set up your workstation, connect it and put it into operation immediately. All electrical components, including the real-time NC control, are integrated into the press stand, enabling a space-saving design.

No PLC knowledge required

The simple and easy-to-understand programming software does not require any PLC knowledge. The process is conveniently controlled via an industrial panel PC with touchscreen, which is mounted directly on the servo press. The software has a virtual handwheel with which the operator can finely position and set up the servo press thanks to the scalable resolution. The integrated operating software offers all options for quality assurance and process monitoring. All process data is recorded and evaluated in real time. The signal curves can be monitored using both envelope curve and window technology. Production data can be received and transmitted to higher-level systems via Ethernet and field bus systems.

Ergonomic comfort

For optimum use, we offer the appropriate accessories, such as air-bearing precision linear tables or air-bearing precision rotary indexing tables, operating elements or external measuring probes. The height-adjustable work tables ensure ergonomic comfort.

For more green efficiency

By opting for a manual workstation with universal assembly presses from PROMESS, you are choosing a durable, energy-efficient drive system. You save energy costs and conserve resources. We design your assembly presses individually in advance, which prevents oversizing and increased energy consumption. Where possible, we take back used assembly presses, refurbish them and return them to the product cycle.