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Saving time when creating technical documentation — opportunities with a digital solution

Digitalization is constantly changing the way we work. Efficient digital tools and automation are key to minimizing workloads and gaps in technical documentation.

Digitalization is constantly finding its way into many areas and we humans are moving with this change in the world of work. We operate in complex systems and it is often not easy to maintain an overview.

How can we succeed in minimizing the workload and potential gaps in the creation of technical documentation?

One of the challenges often lies in decentralized document management and the use of spreadsheet tools as a "digital solution". The documentation work comprises numerous processes that have interfaces to other sub-processes and where there is often a bidirectional flow of information. And not just once in one place. System breaks and overlapping processes lead to redundancies and inconsistencies.

Technical documentation becomes even more comprehensible and complete if the corresponding processes can be merged to reduce system breaks. The available information and data is digitally recorded, managed and dynamically linked at a central point to ensure completeness.

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Specialized software solutions support medical companies in these recording and approval processes towards seamless technical documentation. All relevant information is recorded in a clearly structured environment, stored centrally in an audit-proof manner and dynamically linked with each other at a fine granular level. The quality of the documentation increases. For example, the web-based approach of "BAYOOSOFT Themis Documentation Guide" supports cross-location working and promotes synergy effects in collaboration with growing teams. The change history and dashboards provide a clear overview of the documentation work and the user group is always kept up to date on progress. Finally, the initial document can be generated for the notified body, which bundles all individual documents.

  • Digital centralization of documents + aggregation of data in one central location
  • Synergies through interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Monitoring of changes for traceability
  • Simplification of approval processes

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