Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Manual injection molding machine HoliPress: the best investment for the mimosa of materials

HoliPress — an innovative device that melts plastic materials in an electronically controlled manner and injects them into molds using manual force. Thermoplastics, elastomers as well as soft PVC, recycled granules or flakes.

Melting temperatures up to 320 °C, with or without filling material, small quantities of less than 1 cm3 to 16 cm3 or 38 cm3 injection volume. Aluminum tools (also heatable), 3D printed tools made of special plastic material, transparent tools to demonstrate the injection process. Tension rods, prototypes, functional samples, small series, almost everything can be done with the HoliPress.

Proven use in research, industry and training! Even in mobile one-man operation. Many companies, training and educational institutions, MINT clusters, makerspaces and scientific institutes use the manual plastic injection machine HoliPress, often together with the manual shredder for plastic residues HoliShred.

  • HoliPress 16: 28kg
  • HoliPress 38: 42kg

HoliPress combines the productivity and quality of industrial plastic injection molding with the flexibility of 3D printing.