Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Löwenstein Medical - ELISA

Elisa is an intensive care ventilator for clinical mechanical ventilation. The platform concept makes it possible to realize any desired configuration. The system architecture is flexible in order to integrate future medical and technical requirements.

At the beginning of the project in late summer 2012, there was the desire to develop an extraordinary intensive care ventilator that could combine the most advanced ventilation concepts with the requirements of clinical practice. Löwenstein Medical (then still Salvia Medical or Salvia lifetec) commissioned the WILDDESIGN team in the Ruhr area to design a successor device for the aging ELISA.

The new intensive care ventilator was to incorporate more than 40 years of engineering experience of the current Löwenstein team, and the corresponding design was to stand out clearly in the market. The challenging project initially demanded our entire multidisciplinary expertise and many years of experience in medical design. | Elisa