Novelty MedtecLIVE 2024

Flexible and powerful - the LINAK LA42 linear actuator

The LA42 is a new electric linear actuator from LINAK. It has been specially developed for medical technology. With its motor housing that can be rotated in 10° steps, it offers manufacturers of medical applications greater flexibility during installation. It is also quiet, strong and stable.

The LA42 offers adjustment forces of up to 7,000 N in the push direction and 3,500 N in the pull direction. A safety nut acting in the compression direction is standard, with a safety factor of 2.5 in compression and 5 in pull direction, it offers a high degree of safety for your application.

The LA42 can be operated with LINAK controllers with a PCP 2.0 port. Via the PJB4 port junction box, several actuators can be integrated into one system.

Its protection class complies with LINAK's own IPX6 DURA™ washable standard. This is five times higher than required by the actual IEC60601-2-52 standard.

The noise level is ≤ 54 dB and the weight is 1.8 kg.