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#customercentricity or: What serves my customer?

Früh Verpackungstechnik AG sets standards in individual solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products, thus helping to optimize costs and promote sustainability.

Our success story at Früh Verpackungstechnik AG illustrates our ability to offer not only highly specialized packaging solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products, but also tailor-made solutions from packaging to sterile end product solutions.

One example of this is the initiative of our sales expert, Philipp: in a thorough analysis of a customer's existing product portfolio, he recognized the potential for improvement. Redesigning the blister packaging to make it stackable not only proved to be extremely effective by reducing the volume required on a pallet, but also brought further economic benefits.

This redesign not only resulted in considerable cost savings, but also made a significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint. However, Philipp went one step further and helped the customer on site to optimize the packaging process. This was done by no longer having to manually sort the blisters into the machine, which led to a further increase in efficiency.

What makes this example stand out is the holistic approach: every step of the #customerjourney was scrutinized and went beyond economic improvements by actively contributing to the promotion of sustainability.

This commitment perfectly demonstrates Früh Verpackungstechnik's values and underlines our commitment to delivering not only first-class packaging solutions, but also sustainable innovations for our customers. 

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