Product MedtecLIVE 2024

CatheterFlex® Thermocouple Flex - Polyimide Flexible Circuits

Application: Medical Ablation Catheters or Electrophysiology (EP) Catheters. All Flex has been working with several catheter manufacturers to replace bulky thermocouple wires with a Fine-Line Type T Thermocouple Flex Circuit in thermal and cryoablation catheters.

These catheters are used in critical applications including Atrial Fibrillation Ablation, Deep Vein Thrombosis Ablation, Tumor Removal Ablation, and others.

Our circuits can be made with continuous conductors at extended lengths up to 110 inches long with traces and space down to .002: (50µm) wide.

Benefits of Thermocouple Flex Circuits over traditional wires include:

Reduces Assembly Cost:

  • Reduce assembly labor time with fewer connections/terminations
  • Avoids miss-connections, eliminating rework
  • Add ZIF connection for easy installation

Minimize catheter/intrusion size and increase flexibility:

  • Flatter/Thinner profile- down to .0042: thick (105µm)
  • Reduce the number of wires

Increased reliability:

  • Eliminate solder joints

For applications with multiple sensing points, this technology allows you to use either the copper or constantan trace as a common, which reduces the amount of wires/traces within the catheter.

Disclaimer: Data presented for informational purposes only. Actual values and/or usage is for reference. Contact All Flex for details.