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Accredited laboratory services

We also offer our quality standards, which we apply to our own machines and processes, to our customers in the form of services: 14 test methods are accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

We place the highest value on quality and set standards when it comes to packaging solutions for medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Right from the early stages, our packaging solutions are subject to constant quality control to ensure that they live up to our quality promise at all times.

Our highly qualified team carries out regular tests in the laboratory under controlled conditions, including so-called outsourcing tests. Various accredited laboratory services are offered to ensure that our packaging solutions meet the highest standards.

Our accredited laboratory services include:

Integrity testing: Through methods such as the Dye Penetration and Bubble Emission Test, we ensure that medical and pharmaceutical packaging maintains its integrity.

Packaging and material testing: Our tests evaluate critical properties such as seal strength, puncture resistance and tensile strength to ensure the safety and suitability of packaging materials.

Climate testing & packaging validation: We use climate testing to test the resistance of packaging to extreme climatic conditions to confirm its reliability under real-life conditions of use.

Früh Verpackungstechnik AG stands for packaging solutions that meet the highest standards and guarantee the safety of your products in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

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