Service MedtecLIVE 2024

3D printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing; for your innovative products in MEDTechnology

MetShape is your expert for additive manufacturing of 3d printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing. MetShape's unique approach is rooted in our profound SINTERING EXPERTISE and our LMM TECHNOLOGY, enabling exceptional precision in both small and large-scale production.

The medical technology industry was one of the first industries to implement additive manufacturing and in the beginning, it was mainly used for the manufacturing of complex prototypes. In the meantime, additive manufacturing is also used for the production of applications such as prostheses, orthoses and surgical instruments. Especially short production times, cost reduction and material efficiency are convincing factors when focusing on additive manufacturing technologies. Another special field of application is the production of special instruments and implants, which are individually tailored to individual patients. Particularly in medical technology, high quality of the finished product is indispensable, which means that high standards in the area of materials and surface finishes are necessary, which can only be offered by a few 3D printing service providers.

The freedom of design that sinter-based additive manufacturing technologies allow not only offers visual or cost-saving backgrounds for medical technology, but also convinces with the possibility of individual adaptation to surgeons, customers and patients. Our services enable you to implement complex applications with filigree structures, cooling channels and the smallest wall thicknesses from 100µm.

Our innovative 3D printing technologies enable high precision and excellent surface quality in the production of medical technology parts and do not need support structures during the manufacturing process. As a result, a surface roughness of up to 2μm can be achieved without additional processes and electropolished <1µm.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by additive manufacturing and request your individual designs now as an initial prototype or request a free sample part to convince yourself of the potential of our manufacturing process.

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