Implants and Prostheses/Orthoses

State-of-the-art technologies have a major impact on patients' mobility and quality of life.

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Früh Verpackungstechnik AG 1 / 1-328

Contract packaging service for medical devices

We are your experts for out­sourcing: Benefit from our contract packaging service with validated, highly efficient processes for the packaging of your medical devices.

MEDIPACK AG 1 / 1-502

MEDPUR standard packaging for sharp-edged and scratch-sensitive products

Packaging made of MEDPUR (polyurethane) protects sharp-edged, highly polished or even products with rough surfaces from abrasion and contamination until shortly before they are used.

MetShape GmbH 1 / 1-540n

3D printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing; for your innovative products in MEDTechnology

MetShape is your expert for additive manufacturing of 3d printed metal parts in ultra precision that require no post-processing. MetShape's unique approach is rooted in our profound SINTERING EXPERTISE and our LMM TECHNOLOGY, enabling exceptional precision in both small and large-scale production.

Mikron Tool 1 / 1-316
Best practice

Does hybrid manufacturing offer the potential to establish itself as best practice in medical technology?

The synergy between additive 3D printing and machining paves the way for new methods of medical production. Mikron Tool, in collaboration with DMG MORI, has demonstrated how hybrid production offers unprecedented advantages for the production of medical components.

ZEUS 1 / 1-222

Delivering Dependable and Innovative Polymer Solutions for Over 50 Years

At Zeus, We Are Innovators – Like You. We were among the first polymer solutions providers to work in the arena of minimally invasive techniques for revolutionary procedures involving catheterization.

ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH 1 / 1-518a

Contract development - we realise your product idea

Come to us with your ideas if you are interested in industrial contract development of medical products. You receive all services from a single source, from the synthesis of the absorbable polymers and their processing to the final textile structure of the product.

DN Meditech GmbH 1 / 1-108

Titanium alloys

Semi-finished titanium products, e.g. for implant screws, nails, other medical fixing systems or replacement joints. Diameter range currently ≥ 3.00mm - < 6.35mm. Diameter tolerances as tight as DIN 10278 h6 are possible. In lengths of 3000mm with tight tolerances. Surface finish: centreless ground

S+D METALS GmbH 1 / 1-944

Experience high-performance materials for medical technology at S+D METALS

Our high-grade titanium products offer high-quality solutions for the manufacture of implants, prostheses, instruments and more.  Visit us at MedtecLIVE and see for yourself.

Enterprise Ireland Digital only

AQF announce the launch of their "SafeGuard" TPU packaging solutions for the orthopaedic implant industry!

Ensure your packaging is "Safe". "Guard" against package failures. You can trust "SafeGuard" when you need robust and reliable TPU protective packaging solutions!

S+D METALS GmbH 1 / 1-944

Find out more about our customised solutions for medical technology at S+D METALS

Our customised semi-finished products made of high-performance materials meet the most demanding requirements of medical technology. Find out more at MedtecLIVE!

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