TS Deutschland GmbH

Short description

In Germany, we combine top expertise in hardening and coating technology at 3 locations and offer complete solutions from a single source. Our range of coatings for medical technology includes conventional and nanocomposite hard coatings as well as carbon coatings.

Range of products

  • M Treated/processed material
  • P Surface functionalization/treatment

About us

As a member of the HEF Groupe, we at TS Deutschland have the power of the European market leader in surface engineering - and we combine top expertise in hardening and coating technology at three locations in Germany. 

For example, TS Deutschland is a leader in the field of salt bath nitrocarburizing. In Aldingen, the Swabian headquarters of TS Deutschland, we offer a wide range of hardening and surface processes as well as coating types. Our experienced team will support you with their specialist knowledge and provide reliable and seamless support for your projects. 


  • Conventional coatings: TiN, sTiN, Ti2N, TiAlN, ZrN, TiCN, CrN, TiBN
  • Nanocomposite coatings: nACo®, nACRo®, nACo³®, TiXCo³®
  • Carbon coatings: Certess™ DDT, Certess™ DDTmedblack, Certess™ DCX, etc.


  • Salt bath nitrocarburizing (ARCOR® AND TENIFER®)

  • Vacuum hardening

  • Protective gas hardening / case hardening / carbonitriding

  • Gas nitriding / gas nitrocarburizing

  • Annealing

We specialize in the processing of series components - but above all, we specialize in solving even the toughest challenges. True to our motto: "We burn for solutions."