Service MedtecLIVE 2024

DLC Coating - hard like diamond

New standards in medical technology: DLC coatings for precise and reliable surgical instruments. With their non-reflective black surface and exceptional properties, they improve the performance and longevity of surgical tools.

Ultra-thin but strong: for clean cuts in the operating room

The team in the operating room is ready. Instruments such as scissors, needle holders and other surgical tools are lined up on the table.
The room is brightly lit. The surgeon is about to make the first incision with her scalpel. The advantage of non-reflective surgical instruments is that they allow doctors to work without glare,“ explains Géraldine Porini, Key Account Manager at TS Deutschland in Aldingen.

Black optics with diamond-like carbon layer

Responsible for the black optics is a diamond-like, ultra-thin carbon layer called DLC (Diamond like carbon). This is not only non-reflective, it is also characterized by extremely high surface hardness, low friction and high abrasion resistance.

„These properties ensure that instruments, for example, remain usable for a particularly long time. Multiple sterilization of the instruments is also possible without any problems,“ says Porini.
Also important for medical technology: the ultra-thin DLC coatings are biocompatible and chemically inert, meaning they do not react with other substances.
High hardness and excellent friction properties are not only well received in medical technology.

Robust and resistant - on almost all materials

DLC coatings have also proven their effectiveness in cutting technology, automation technology and injection molding technology.
„Demand is growing steadily,“ says Porini. „In 2022, we therefore invested in a second machine at our Aldingen site.“