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Management & Krankenhaus: the leading trade newspaper for managers and professionals in print and online.

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About us

Management & Krankenhaus addresses top management as
well as all managers and users at in-patient facilities who
are involved in investment decisions and process optimiza-
tion. It also reaches the whole sales channel, from manufac-
turer through the distributors right up to the end users.
Management & Krankenhaus provides comprehensive
reports on all matters relevant to in-patient healthcare:
health economy, health policy, hygiene, IT & communication,
laboratories & diagnostics, medicine & technology
as well as construction, fitting-out and furnishing.
Readers are additionally informed about market develop-
ments, new products, applications, trends and background
The print version of Management & Krankenhaus has the
widest market distribution in this industry. Along with the
b2b “” portal, it reaches the
most readers in in-patient healthcare throughout Germany.
Neutral reports, coverage and a balanced editorial concept
are further factors that contribute to keeping Management &
Krankenhaus in its leading position as a media channel.