LLT Applikation GmbH

Short description

LASER PRECISION FOR MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURER - LLT Applikation is a machine manufacturer and service provider for the production of high-precision medical products. We rely on the latest laser technology for our contract manufacturing and for developing our serial and special machines.

Range of products

  • D Studies
  • D Process development
  • P Surface functionalization/treatment
  • P Automation
  • P Laser processing
  • P Contract manufacturing

About us

Thanks to the use of fiber and ultra-short pulse lasers, we not only manufacture products for medical purposes precisely and economically, but also process sensitive and high-quality components gently. Whether as samples, prototypes, small or large series.

In addition to our experience with laser manufacturing of 2D & 3D components such as surgical instruments, we have almost 25 years special knowledge in laser micromachining of precision tubes used in invasive medicine as coronary stents, cannulas or needles.

As well as our contract manufacturing, our turnkey laser precision machines and related process development are designed for cutting, drilling, welding and ablating a wide range of materials and geometries.

Customers have been confiding their ideas to us and relying on our expertise to implement them since 1997. With LLT Applikation, you can rely on a partner who uses its knowledge and skills to offer you a complete solution for your production task.