Product MedtecLIVE 2024

Voice coil actuators / motors

Voice coil actuators from Geeplus are the ideal valve actuators for ventilation technology: reliable, durable, bidirectional, proportional, dynamic, low hysteresis. Tested quality with very good test options and traceability through serial numbers are ideal for medical technology.

Voice coil actuators work according to the Lorentz force principle and can therefore be actively controlled bidirectionally. Their extremely low hysteresis in force development, their good controllability and dynamics make voice coil actuators the ideal technological drive as valve actuators, e.g. in ventilators or in analysis devices.

General properties of a voice coil actuator (plunger coil actuator):

  • proportional Control: variable position 1 to 100mm / up to 45°
  • high Speed: vibration or marking
  • high Efficiency: battery powered systems, backup systems, temperature sensitive media
  • controllability: linear or rotary movement with low noise or low shock at mechanical endstop
  • low Hysteresis: control systems with high repeatability
  • high overload capability

In addition to the pure knowledge for the development and production of actuators for your application, our partner Geeplus also offers the know-how for the development of tools and test procedures that guarantee and record compliance with the critical parameters in your application. For series applications with critical requirements, the test units are optimized or developed for the customer application to ensure that the data important to the customer can be logged and saved with the serial number.